Mansion for rent RakRak Kasai

Fully Furnished Luxury at RakRak Kasai

Looking for a stylish and convenient place to live in Kasai, Japan?
Look no further than RakRak Kasai!
Our modern mansion offers private rooms for rent, perfect for those seeking a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.

Here’s what makes RakRak Kasai your ideal home:

  • Move-in ready: Skip the hassle of furnishing your own place!
    Our rooms come fully equipped with everything you need, including a bed, desk set, washing machine, fridge, and microwave.
  • Affordable luxury: Starting at just 61,000 yen per month,
    RakRak Kasai offers high-quality living at an unbeatable price.
  • Prime location: Enjoy the convenience of being just a 5-minute walk from Kasai Station.
    This puts you within easy reach of all that Pakkret has to offer.
  • Seamless communication: Our multilingual staff provides support in Thai, English, and Chinese,
    ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition into your new home.

Added Convenience
– Free internet (Wi-Fi) keeps you connected.
– Auto-lock system for enhanced security.
– Monitor intercom for added peace of mind.
– Shared bathrooms (3 units per floor) are available.
– In-unit closet space provides ample storage.
– Cook delicious meals with the provided IH stove.
– Stay cool and comfortable with the individual air conditioner unit.
– Relax and enjoy the fresh air on your private balcony.
– Take advantage of the elevator for easy access to all floors.
– Securely store your bicycle in the designated parking lot.
– Convenient trash disposal with a designated trash box on each floor.

RakRak Kasai is perfect for those who:
– Appreciate a convenient location close to public transportation.
– Seek a move-in ready solution with all furniture and appliances included.
– Prioritize affordability without compromising on quality.
– Value the ease of living in a supportive and multilingual environment.

See Map Here!

Room Status

Room No.Room PlanSize (m2)FloorRent / MonthMaintenance feeWater feeTotalStatus
1021K16.251¥45,000¥11,000¥5,000¥61,000Not Available
1031K16.251¥45,000¥11,000¥5,000¥61,000Not Available
2021K16.252¥47,000¥11,000¥5,000¥63,000Not Available
3011K16.253¥49,000¥11,000¥5,000¥65,000Not Available
3031K16.253¥48,000¥11,000¥5,000¥64,000Not Available
3051K16.253¥48,000¥11,000¥5,000¥64,000Not Available
4011K16.254¥51,000¥11,000¥5,000¥67,000Not Available
4021K16.254¥49,000¥11,000¥5,000¥65,000Not Available
4031K16.254¥49,000¥11,000¥5,000¥65,000Not Available
4061K16.254¥50,000¥11,000¥5,000¥66,000Not Available
5021K18.75¥51,000¥11,000¥5,000¥67,000Not Available
5031K175¥50,000¥11,000¥5,000¥66,000Not Available

Ban Rak The series
1. บ้านรัก Nakano
2. บ้านรัก Shinkoenji
3. บ้านรัก Nakano Chuo
4. บ้านรัก Ogu

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Contact RakRak Kasai today to inquire about availability and start your journey towards a comfortable and convenient life in Kasai, Japan.

Line: @landhousing https://lin.ee/tHG3bKX
Tel: 02-048-2271
E-Mail: thailand@landhousing.co.jp

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